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April 26, 2012 at 7:48pm
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Music Fans Go Behind the Velvet Rope to Enter the ‘White Room’ for Jack White’s “American Express® Unstaged” Live VEVO Event on YouTube →


American Express, in partnership with VEVO and YouTube, will continue to provide revolutionary access to Jack White fans and music enthusiasts worldwide through pre-show, in-concert and post-show features, and one-of-a-kind content that further blur the line between the at-home and in-concert experience:


  • “Press Pass Challenge”: Fans can submit questions to Jack White at http://americanexpressentertainment.com where members of the American Express Entertainment community will vote on their favorite, with the winning question ultimately answered by Jack White. The lucky fan will receive two tickets to an upcoming Jack White show.
  • Official Concert Trailer: Fans can get an early glimpse at the creative vision behind Jack White’s “American Express Unstaged” performance by visiting www.youtube.com/JackWhiteVEVO to view exclusive pre-concert trailers.
  • Online Pre Show: Building anticipation for the night, viewers who tune in to the live-stream will also catch the exclusive documentary from Jack White and Gary Oldman immediately before the performance begins.


  • The “White Room”: Jack White fans worldwide can join a fan-powered digital art installation by submitting photos for a user-submitted mosaic, and access a set of exclusive Jack White photos captured by Gary Oldman that can be unlocked during the live event. Watch a personal video invite from Jack White and Gary Oldman by visiting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0aPHscfHUo.
  • Choose Your Cam: The at-home audience can control their viewing experience throughout the show by switching between multiple cameras including Gary Oldman’s directors cut, a black & white vintage cam, and a balcony view from Webster Hall.
  • Global Chat: Fans around the world can join the global chat along with the show, or invite friends to have a private viewing and chat experience to celebrate the event.


  • Rebroadcast: Following the live performance, Jack White’s “American Express Unstaged” performance will be rebroadcast for 12 hours at www.youtube.com/JackWhiteVEVO. Following the rebroadcast, fans can watch clips of the concert on YouTube, Twitter, and XBOX Live, via the VEVO application.

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